Today's discussion dives into the potential outcomes for the 2020 race for the presidency, Trump's rally vs. Biden's rally, a reflection of the 2016 presidency in contrast and then a deeper look at how American's consume their media.

Welcoming our returning co-host Downtown Bobby Brown we discuss the Youtube adpocalypse, women's soccer lawsuit, the success of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Bobby recounts a fond story of coaching t-ball. 

We are super excited to introduce our newest co-host and addition to the Redtired Network, your friend and mine, Downtown Bobby Brown!

 We went and added another veteran to our ever increasing portfolio! Kell is a recent Air Force retiree and our newest co-host! Welcome him warmly then let the obligatory hazing begin. We are excited to have Kell on board with us at Redtired and look forward to many revealing stories from everyone's favorite Air Force. 

Our favorite co-host Jacob returns from his battles within the banking industry and he reveals some of the insights he gathered during his infiltration. Are the banks really on your side?

Today Jeremy addresses the old guard democrats versus the modern socialist democrat. 

Jeremy is flying solo today while Jacob works his get rich quick schemes in the 9 to 5 world. Today's topic focuses on the entitled culture and offers a few tips on how to avoid a life filled with soy and poverty. 

Little tips on how to get rid of that pesky debt. 

Jeremy returns from his travels, sharing with us his accomplishments and the lessons he learned. Also, going over the notes in what we learned from Kevin O'Leary. 

You are a product of your environment, you are what you surround yourself with, and with that in mind we’ve invited the one and only Darryl Lyons to join us today. Partake in Darrell’s wisdom and become a solution to your problems.

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